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International Basketball Training Academy

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Who We Are

The IBTA staff consists of professional instructors who enthusiastically create a learning environment that fosters basketball skill, as well as, personal growth and character development. The learning environment can be uniquely customized to fit your organization’s needs to include camps, clinics, seminars, team training sessions and small group instruction.

Facilities are not an issue; the IBTA will work within your program’s resources to provide a first-class instructional experience. And the best news of all, the IBTA will provide its services at a very reasonable rate. Having the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others, and to be ambassadors for the game of basketball, is the IBTA’s main mission. The IBTA stands on the following principles:

Basketball and sport should be used to build the principles of character and integrity that will last a lifetime.

Excellence should be our standard in all that we do.

Compromising one’s standards and integrity is not acceptable.

Organization and discipline are key ingredients to success.

Goals achieved with little effort are seldom worthwhile.

Everyone’s contribution is important.

Game performance will be a reflection of practice habits.

Communication is promoted, and the views of others respected.

What We Teach

Offensive Footwork: Part One

Great footwork is essential to the success of any player. On the perimeter, a player who faces up strong, understands the importance of North-South movement, has an explosive first step, can attack the defense without traveling and with vision and balance, has a huge...

Offensive Footwork: Part Two

Coaches who have observed our students often comment that you can pick out IBTA students because they play a certain way. They are emotionally and physically under control, they are primary pivot foot players, they show hands preparing to receive passes, they play out...

Improve Vertical Leap

Improving your vertical leap is a crucial part of any player improvement program. The steps below, if followed during each workout, will not only increase the height you can jump, but will help give you the competitive edge necessary to truly “reach your full...

Player Development Tips

Basketball team player development tipsMany students have asked for advice over the years on how they can improve as players. Often times, the advice provided is not what they want to hear because significant improvement comes at a sacrifice.   Below are 12 tips that...

Form Shooting Fundamentals

Form shooting should be an integral part of any player’s game at any level. It is useful at all levels to develop and maintain proper shooting mechanics, correct bad habits, and/or prepare and warm-up players for effective shooting workouts. Form shooting repetitions...

Form Shooting Drills

In the previous training tip, we discussed form shooting fundamentals. Be sure to read through the basics of form shooting before attempting the drills below. When consistently practiced, the form shooting drills outlined below will provide you strong form shooting...

Inside a Defender’s Mind

Defenders have a warrior mindset. Defense is as much mental as it is physical, which makes defense both skill and attitude. To defend at a high level, a player must develop a tough mentality that commits to defending every possession, maintaining and playing in a...

Running The Race

One of the most effective ways to look at offensive basketball is to view the competition like a race. As an offensive player facing the basket in the half court, I have three main lanes ahead of me (right, left and center). Generally, what keeps me from occupying the...